It’s always a good day when your crew arrives within 30 minutes of each other. Greg Smee, Rickey Bates, Hoang Tran, and Kyle Hart ready to go.

To coincide with the Texas Toast Jam, Sparky’s Distribution decided to do a road trip that included riders from The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand, and Sputnic BMX coming to Texas to ride, film, and have a good time. Seth Kimbrough, Rickey Bates, Ben Hucke, Kyle Hart, Hoang Tran, Greg Smee, and Ryan Sher covered the riding side while Tristan Afre shot the photos and I filmed the clips. These disposables highlight the many sides of traveling Texas in 100 degree weather. Sunscreen, sweat, and Sassy Grace. Enjoy!

– Ryan Chadwick, The Shadow Conspiracy TM

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photos by Ryan Chadwick / Sparky's crew