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Weeks prior to the Texas Toast Jam in Austin, I had already decided that I did not want to try and shoot riding at the event. I wanted to experience the weekend for what it was: a chance to join my friends in a unique weekend of bmx radness; without being distracted by finding different angles or vying for position with other photographers. When the day finally came to head out to the jam, I still brought my camera with me. No bag, no flashes, no zoom lens, just my digital body and a 50mm. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind; but if I did shoot something, it was going to be almost just as I was seeing it in that moment.

What I did see upon entering the Toasted grounds was cameras, everywhere. From professional DSLR’s fitted with wildlife zoom lenses and mono-pods, to cell phones and iPad’s, the Texas Toast Jam was being covered from every perceivable angle, in every format. All of The major bmx media outlets were represented, as expected, but joining them in the center of the action were also numerous other anonymous shooters. There was no such thing as a media badge or different access levels at the Texas Toast Jam. Here anyone could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Jeff Z, Sandy Carson, or Stu Johnson and take home memories of the action. While this openness may have made it more difficult for the aforementioned major media outlets to capture original content, I feel like it added to the “community” vibe that the entire weekend had.

So, I decided to take pictures of people taking pictures. That was a pretty long story for such a simple explanation, but that’s how these photos happened.

Cody Nutter

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  1. mikey luplo says:

    this is amazing haha

  2. prolly says:

    good shit and of course, AGREED!

  3. Elvin says:

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