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Arik Elstran, Canadian Footjam, Minneapolis, MN

I had a chance to meet up with Arik Elstran the other day to roam around by his neighborhood and make the most of a sunny day. We started out with no real direction in mind, and wandered through the streets and alleys by his apartment. It felt like everyone in the city was out, enjoying the sun and spending time outside together. This included a random old man with no teeth who was kind enough to offer us some BBQ he had made, as we passed through one of the city parks. Not hungry, but the conversation was interesting for sure. After a few more twists and turns, we made it to our destination. A little bank to rail that Arik was able to work some of his magic on. Here he stalls out a precise canadian footjam nosepick, before we made our way back through the city.

Ben Austin

2 responses to “Ben Austin @ Random”

  1. Tom Perry says:

    Arik is a wizard.

  2. says:

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