99 Seconds

I’ve always noticed these Crucial ads (like above) in the mags, and kind of wondered who was behind them. Had I looked a little harder at the edges of the ad, I would have know sooner, but oh well. Today I came across 99 Seconds, which is the studio behind the ads (and some other stuff you may recognize). They are based in the UK and home to Adi Gilbert and Richard Homer.

There’s a bunch of rad stuff on their site, so check out 99 Seconds and have a look around.

3 responses to “99 Seconds”

  1. Cal says:

    love sll 99 seconds work

  2. Alexander Kio says:

    While I had never seen the Crucial ads, I immediately recognized the style from the Profile adverts they’ve done. I really enjoyed looking through their catalog. I really dig their work/style/dedication to our industry and thanks for this post.

  3. Latasha says:

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