The POOL – The Full Story

Here’s the official Nike POOL edit. Hadrien Picard did a good job of putting this together from beginning to end. Like I said before, this event was unreal riding wise and concept wise. You will see a bunch of the wild shit that went down in here.

The Pool was more than a BMX comp, it was one of the most extra-ordinary gatherings of the BMX community this century.

From the draining of a soon to be demolished local authority swimming pool in Dagenham, East London, into a world class park in less than two weeks was a feat in itself, but to see the diversity and level or riding on display at the launch event was truly remarkable.

40 international riders with a brand new team format saw non-comp riders, veterans, street destroyers and park animals all throw down into something far better than we could have dreamt of.

Winning Team:
Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Josh Harrington and Jeremiah Smith

Best Line: (Awarded to Ruben’s team)
Ruben Alcantara, Kevin Kalkoff, Sergio Layos, and Tom Dugan

Best Rider: (Rider’s choice)
Dennis Enarson

Best Trick:
Brian Foster – Gap to curved wallride out of the deep end

The Pool is free to ride until the 12th June 2011

6 responses to “The POOL – The Full Story”

  1. Lucas says:

    this was miles better then the terrible contest edits that came out. good work man.

  2. Rico says:

    this^^….they should try to do this again sometime somewhere else

  3. Joey Cobbs says:

    That was incredible, and that was by far the best edit from the comp.

    Its also the only edit where I’ve seen that fucked up clip where Garrett Bars to pocket wallride to 180bar out….. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    Too good. Too good.

  4. Justneil says:

    Props to Dave Sowerby who isn’t getting mentioned enough when it comes to this event. Über builder. Nice one Dave.

  5. And that is an funding danger value taking.