Simon Walker

I was browsing Tumblr earlier and came across the above graphic, which caught my eye. Being a fan of simple graphics with feeling, I had to know who was responsible. Since credit is hardly ever given to random stuff on Tumblr, you never know who the hell has done what, which led me to unleash my web searching savviness (ie: google).

My web searching prowess led me to the work of Simon Walker, who is responsible for the graphic above. His Flickr page is FULL of great logos, hand type and illustrations. I suggest having a look.

4 responses to “Simon Walker”

  1. Rico says:

    dope…simple”n”fresh,love his pop art

  2. Joey Cobbs says:

    this is why defgrip is my favorite site out there.

  3. Joey Cobbs says:

    the subtle weathered look that he puts in his logos is amazing. not the typical style for sure

  4. Glinda says:

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