– There was swimming 2 weeks prior to event
– Course designed by Dave Sowerby
– There was 7 revisions of the final design
– It took 5 days to drain the pool.
– There was a 5 day prebuild in Germany and 2 40t trucks shipped everything to the UK.
– 16 people worked on building the course in England. 14 Germans, 1 Irish and 1 American.
– The course was built in 7 days
– 200 liters of “Shaun Blue” was used to paint the Pool
– 75,000 screws used
– 10,000 nails
– 1,500 square meters of plywood
– 1,250 square meters of planks
– 3,000 meters of square timber
– The park is open for 30 more days after the event for open sessions, school introduction workshops and closed sessions for team trips, distribution companies, mags, Facebook fans, local scenes and road trip destinations
– Free of charge for anyone who rides
– All the wood will be donated to various groups/skateparks/scenes
– Cult, WTP & Mirraco helped with getting some bikes for kids to use

photos by Nuno Oliveira