Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam

The Texas Toast jam will be going down this weekend in Austin, along with a party put on by¬†Darryl Nau (click below for the party flyer). The video above gives you some good insight into this event and all it’s insanity. Should be an interesting time for everyone that’s heading out, haha…

I’ll be on the premises snapping pics, so check back for a gallery next week.

8 responses to “Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam”

  1. Lucas says:

    this sounds way too good, really should move to austin.

  2. Ben says:

    Sounds like an awesome time, Taj is a good promoter!

  3. Pete Wade says:

    I’m glad I haven’t anything of Taj after he did all that anti corperate preaching for years and then went and then went on giant to ride a fixie.

    I hope Rosco chokes on your bone.

  4. Mike O. says:

    Fuck you Pete Wade.

  5. Mike O. says:

    Excuse me, let me respond properly. Have you ever met Taj? If you have, I’m pretty sure you would have not made that statement. Taj has to be one of the most polite, humble and respectful individuals I’ve ever met, not just in BMX, but in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who actually knows him who could say a bad thing about him.

    Whatever decisions he’s made in his life, with regard to sponsors, what type of bike he rides, etc, is really none of our business. It’s his life, and he needs to do what he feels is in his best interest. Over the years, he’s contributed more to BMX than you could ever dream of, so I’d expect a little bit of respect.

    I’m sure if you weren’t so short sighted (or even did a google search), you’d probably understand why he doesn’t ride a BMX like he use to (ie, back surgery). But why should I expect anything from a person who made the comments you did.

    And as far as your Roscoe comment, he just passed away, so again…fuck you.


    Mike O.

  6. stoned kyle says:

    looks so fun. too bad some negative person trying to bring the hype down

  7. Pete says:

    Mike O, I take on a lot or your comments and agree. However Taj as nice as a guy as he may be did try an push anti corperate bull shit down our throtes and now he his living off of. Which i also have no problem with it’s just a like like been a extremeist christian and then turning to Islam.

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