Multitasker: Darryl Tocco

Recently while watching the Bad Timing promo, I literally thought to myself, “Damn, Darryl Tocco is a sick multitasker” after his first clip. Instant Feature!!! By “Multitasker”, I mean a great rider who doubles as a filmer/editor (or vise versa), which Darryl is.

With that said, I rounded up some assorted topics for Darryl to elaborate on. Click below to check that out.

Thanks to Keith Terra for the pic.


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Filming & Editing:
When I first started watching bmx videos, I always took notice of not only the riding, but the way the segments or parts were put together. I always found it amazing that all these clips seemed (at the time) to fit together so nicely and that the filming actually had some sort of technique behind it. Videos like Standard Domination and Anthem really stuck out for me in terms of filming and editing, like they weren’t just dropping clip after clip. There seemed to be a method to it. I was really interested from then on about filming and editing.

Carrying Equipment while out and about:
Probably my least favorite thing about my job. I’m still very much a rider, and not being able to roast curbs and manual freely is kind of a bummer sometimes, especially in new cities. I always have a Panasonic HD camera and a Sony VX in my bag, along with lenses, batteries, everyone else’s cellphones, tripod, and sometimes a skateboard; it adds up. It’s part of the job though, and I’m not one to complain much.

Wanting to ride, but having to film:
If I’m on a job that doesn’t involve Kink, rolling up to an amazing spot can suck. If I’m rolling with another team that needs to get shit done, the bike goes down immediately. I’m basically not there to ride, so it’s camera time pretty much as soon as we get there. I’ll try to eye up lines or moves in hopes that I’ll be back to that spot, which has worked out for me several times, actually.

Riding vs. Filming:
It really depends, when I’m traveling with Kink, the crew knows that I’m there to ride too, and they are all really good about picking their times to film. We can still all have an awesome session and sometimes Jay Roe will hold the camera down while we all ride together. If someone is throwing something heavy down, or filming a line, I want to film because I’ll want it to look a certain way.

Keeping an eye on the camera gear when riding:
Finding a centralized location for everyone’s things seems to work out the best. Scattering bags and phones all over the place is a quick way to lose your shit. We always try to be mindful of where the pile is, especially in foreign countries. I feel like there’s a sense of surprise when your overseas, like you never truly know where you are, so we always play it extra safe abroad.

Preferred method for filming while rolling:
If I’m rolling fisheye, I’m 95% on my bike. I don’t have an ounce of skill on a skateboard for the most part, so I can’t be pushing a board with a camera in hand. For rolling long lens, I’ll always be on the board, because I usually won’t have to push while filming. Skate filmers are on some other shit when it comes to rolling fisheye, but I usually keep it pretty smooth on the bike.

Video Camera vs. Camera Camera that records:
I don’t have enough experience with the dslr thing to hate or love them, but I’m super psyched on my Panasonic HMC-150. I’m interested in buying a dslr kit this year, just to get familiar with it, plus the fisheye options seem to be the main appeal to me. What I do know is that the played out in-focus, out-of-focus dslr footage looks stupid. Stop doing it.

Interactive filming:
I’ve had a couple occasions when the rider has hit the camera, and that shit always sucks. You can’t get mad at the rider, so it’s usually your fault for not being ready for it. Tony Hamlin once sent his bike full speed into my HMC 2 months after I got it, and it somehow survived. Worst feeling ever.

People who film you when you ride:
Jay Roe is usually my go to guy when I need to get something done on trips, he’s usually pretty reliable, and is interested in knowing how to operate the camera on his own. Sometimes the result is less than what I’d like, but there’s always Navaz.

Sessions with no cameras:
The best! We have a lot of sessions like this on Kink trips, the entire crew cruising and not giving a shit. The camera has a tendency of bringing fun sessions to an abrupt end, so a nice chill couple hours with the whole crew can really do a lot for morale.

9 responses to “Multitasker: Darryl Tocco”

  1. Lahsaan Kobza says:

    Fuck yeah darryl.

  2. Awesome!!! Tocco kills it!

  3. daniel says:

    adam22 made this interview seem like you were bashing dslr filming on his blog. i hate that people with no video background, such as himself, toss around their un-educated opinions.

    do your thing darryl!

  4. walter s. says:

    I thought so too, coming from thecomeup. I’m with adam on the glidecam thing, really is played out and in my opinion looks to superficial, like the camera is flying. Although alot of DSLR users seem to copy alot of the clich├ęs right away, Adam obviously doesn’t realize the real reason one should conisder an DSLR: The many additional options you have in contrast to say a VX. Don’t get me wrong, I love the VX’s look, especially the VX1k’s but a DSLR gives you so much more options to play with. Another reason a DSLR makes sense is that most filming on a professional level outside of BMX these days is done with an HD camera, so the transition won’t be as hard.

  5. reginald says:

    yea adam22 is an idiot at times and talks to much.

  6. Sotero M. says:

    walter s. broke it down really well. Tocco is the man. Can’t wait for the Bad Timing video!

  7. south bay dre says:

    totally AGREE

  8. fvd says:

    such a well-rounded badass!

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