Interview: Tim “Wolfman” Harvey

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“I’m always gonna stay working because I enjoy making money just like everyone else in the world and I don’t mind the work I do.”

– Wolfman

  • Awesome. Wolf is a true G.

  • hoang

    One of the best dudes I have ever met.

  • danoh

    it’s dude’s like this that should be able to live from riding, he’s obviously got mad passion for the bike and it shows when he rides

  • niels.d

    What a down to earth seeming dude.

    Keep shredding, Wolfman.

  • anonymous

    it just seems kinda weird to me that a guy can act so blahzay about getting a signature frame, nothing comes before bikes not even women, i’ve dedicated my life so much to bmx that the last thing i would want is a girl in the way i wouldnt know because i never had one. your bike doesent know what race you are, how much you weigh, judge your apperance and then turn you down. i hate girls, and i dont know how blessed this guy knows he is yet people tend to take shit for granted, 26

  • This Is Legit, Wolf. BTW What is the guy who commented anonymously smoking?

  • Wolf knows what’s good! Hope your shreddin easy buddy.

  • Your bike knows how much you weigh

  • PB

    Wolfman is a boss and a local legend! I have been lucky to share many sessions in Methaluma with him growing up.

  • ZBC

    Wolf is a beast! He deserves a sig frame

  • alex


  • wow, not at all the hipster i was expecting! that really did make me feel good.

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