Interview: Tim “Wolfman” Harvey

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If you went out for a 2 hour ride but could only do one trick all evening, what would it be?

Burners, all day, nothing better than an old school tabletop. Mandatory on quarterpipes!

If you could only watch one person ride for the next year, who would it be?

I’ve been thinking for a while and a ton of names came up… Edwin, Eddie C, Van Homan, so many more, but I really just gotta say Mike Aitken, in my opinion the best rider that’s ever lived. Riding with him in person is so amazing and the fact that he can ride everything really makes him a diverse rider, and fun to watch.

Whom do you live with?

Well right now just Marco ‘cause two of our other roommates just moved out. The house is nice and quiet.

Just one roommate? That ruins my next question but I’ll ask it anyway: if you had to kick one roommate out, who would you pick?

Haha I would kick out Marco just by default, but if anyone else was living here at the time I’d kick them out. Even though Marco turned his back on BMX and always says he’s done filming bikes, he’s a really good friend of mine and I’ve known him longer than anyone in Cali.

If you could go back to being strictly a broke pro BMX rider, would you?

Well I’ve never considered myself as a pro biker. I’m just a guy that never wanted to make money off of BMX and still don’t, even with a signature frame in the works. I’m always gonna stay working because I enjoy making money just like everyone else in the world and I don’t mind the work I do. I love the BMX lifestyle that being pro entails but if I rode bikes for a job I would see myself not loving to ride for fun, only to make money. It’s kinda crazy to me that I’m getting a signature frame, ‘cause in my opinion so many guys that ride for Stranger deserve it more, but every cent we make on the frame will be going right back into the company and the guys that ride for it, I’ll make my money from big corporations with high rises in SF and leave all the BMX money for the people that I feel deserve it!

What’s your biggest vice?

Probably chewing or video games. Both are things I don’t wanna do, but when I’m sitting in traffic I wanna chew and when it’s raining outside I wanna play some video games. One of these days I’ll give ‘em both up and just drink, haha.

Do you still have the Lincoln Town Car?

Sadly nope. You probably remember that scary ride from downtown SF to the airport where my brakes where failing and my shocks where out all over the car, when we where driving the whole car felt like you where on a boat in a hurricane. Good times in that car though, RIP Stinkin’ Lincoln.

Name one way in which Petaluma is better than SF.

Petaluma is an amazing town, but the one way it’s better than SF is it’s freedom, Eddie Cleveland’s dad lives on a big chunk of land out in the country and you can do almost anything you want — jet ski in the river, shoot guns on the side of the hill and ride quads all over that place. Just remember to bring some beer or Teddy will be pissed and he’ll let ya know the whole time you’re out there.

And vice versa?

The best thing about San Francisco is the hills. Endless downhill spots and weird things everywhere. Coming from a small town in Mass (Littleton), to me this place has it all.

Last words?

I’d really like to thank Mike A for giving me this opportunity and thanks to Colby Larson, Nick Hammer, Rich H, Aaron huff at Solid, Heath P, Rob at Quintin and all the guys there, Harrison B, Nate M and all the guys at TIP (next Interbike let me tap the keg), Eddie C, and thanks to all the homies out there, you know who you are!

13 responses to “Interview: Tim “Wolfman” Harvey”

  1. bdubbs says:

    Awesome. Wolf is a true G.

  2. hoang says:

    One of the best dudes I have ever met.

  3. danoh says:

    it’s dude’s like this that should be able to live from riding, he’s obviously got mad passion for the bike and it shows when he rides

  4. niels.d says:

    What a down to earth seeming dude.

    Keep shredding, Wolfman.

  5. anonymous says:

    it just seems kinda weird to me that a guy can act so blahzay about getting a signature frame, nothing comes before bikes not even women, i’ve dedicated my life so much to bmx that the last thing i would want is a girl in the way i wouldnt know because i never had one. your bike doesent know what race you are, how much you weigh, judge your apperance and then turn you down. i hate girls, and i dont know how blessed this guy knows he is yet people tend to take shit for granted, 26

  6. Doogi Mac says:

    This Is Legit, Wolf. BTW What is the guy who commented anonymously smoking?

  7. Wolf knows what’s good! Hope your shreddin easy buddy.

  8. Ardelean says:

    Your bike knows how much you weigh

  9. PB says:

    Wolfman is a boss and a local legend! I have been lucky to share many sessions in Methaluma with him growing up.

  10. ZBC says:

    Wolf is a beast! He deserves a sig frame

  11. tony says:

    wow, not at all the hipster i was expecting! that really did make me feel good.

  12. Estela says:

    Now it’s time to decide your particular investments.

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