Interview: Tim “Wolfman” Harvey

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Back in 2006 I started hearing Eddie Cleveland and crew talking a lot about their Petaluma, CA riding buddy named “Wolf Man”. I was picturing a mean, hairy barbarian who lived in the woods. Turns out he got the name from his old hippie days when he wore dreads and a big beard. Harmless.

Over the years I’ve been blown away by Wolf’s brutal-yet-fluid riding style, and on top of that I can’t recall ever seeing him in a bad mood. He keeps it simple and positive. He doesn’t try too hard – he knows exactly who he is. He gets up early, works like a man, and rides like an animal. He’s as inspiring as he is funny. And he’s just a good dude. Get to know Tim Harvey.

-Mike Ardelean

Tell me about the last 3 years of your life. Blue collar work, commuting to the city, buying your house, all that.

Well the last three years of my life have been really, really hectic. Still working in the painter’s union local 83. Work almost everyday at the butt crack of dawn only to come home worn out as hell and try to find time to ride in between rainy SF days and being over ridin’ bike spots around here. Ended up buying a house in Petaluma last year and lived there for a bit until commuting from there to SF for work got to be too much. Moved in with my good buddy and ex-BMX filmer Marco Svizzero just a few months ago. Been a lot better lately ‘cause I’m commuting way less and met a new girl out here so life’s on the ups.

Do you rent out your house?

Yeah I’m renting both sides out ‘cause it’s a duplex. I have my half brother Dave in one side, and I’m renting the other side out to a buddy of mine and two girls I know from church.

What kind of church do you go to?

I’ve been going to Calvary Chapel in Petaluma for almost seven years now. It’s a Christian church with a laid back attitude I guess you can say… I’m a sinner at heart so it’s nice to come in once in a while and not get yelled at for sinning almost every day.

That’s cool. So what are your tenants like?

To be honest they’re all chill. My brother is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and gets money from the state so it’s good to help him out with a place to stay and it’s always steady income. My buddy James and the two girls are awesome; he’s a painter just like me and the two girls work full time as caretakers for the elderly.

Do you like being a landlord?

It’s pretty nuts dealing with grownup stuff like house insurance and bills every month but my mom always helps me out since I’m in the city. I gotta go up there almost every week to mow the yard and trim the weeds around the house and it’s kinda relaxing just to get up to Petaluma for a bit.

How much do you work?

For the time being I’m working Monday through Friday 6am to 2pm, then working Friday through Sunday night 8pm to 4am. Sometimes we’ll swap nights between the guys at work to not get burnt out.

Wow, Fridays are sounding rough! Just a four hour break between shifts? How much do you ride?

Well I’ve been able to ride one or twice a week when I’m not too tired or when it’s not raining. Normal just relaxing riding cause I’m almost always burnt out.

How much do you sleep?

I’ll sleep anywhere between 5 to 7 hours a night on the weekdays and then whenever I can on the weekends.

What do you do with the money you make? Stack it up or blow it on video games?

Haha blow a lot of money on all kinds of stuff, but I’ve been saving as of lately, me and my girl are gonna take a month long trip across the U.S. this summer. It’s been four years since I’ve gone back home to Mass and my girl is from Brazil so I wanna show her my country.

What trick have you recently learned?

Haha funny you ask — just a week or two ago I was screwing around with a opposite tailwhip regular spin over this little hip at the skatepark in Petaluma, and I was getting right into decades. A few tries later I found pedals and somehow got lucky not too scrape up my shins while wearing Daisy Dukes!

13 responses to “Interview: Tim “Wolfman” Harvey”

  1. bdubbs says:

    Awesome. Wolf is a true G.

  2. hoang says:

    One of the best dudes I have ever met.

  3. danoh says:

    it’s dude’s like this that should be able to live from riding, he’s obviously got mad passion for the bike and it shows when he rides

  4. niels.d says:

    What a down to earth seeming dude.

    Keep shredding, Wolfman.

  5. anonymous says:

    it just seems kinda weird to me that a guy can act so blahzay about getting a signature frame, nothing comes before bikes not even women, i’ve dedicated my life so much to bmx that the last thing i would want is a girl in the way i wouldnt know because i never had one. your bike doesent know what race you are, how much you weigh, judge your apperance and then turn you down. i hate girls, and i dont know how blessed this guy knows he is yet people tend to take shit for granted, 26

  6. Doogi Mac says:

    This Is Legit, Wolf. BTW What is the guy who commented anonymously smoking?

  7. Wolf knows what’s good! Hope your shreddin easy buddy.

  8. Ardelean says:

    Your bike knows how much you weigh

  9. PB says:

    Wolfman is a boss and a local legend! I have been lucky to share many sessions in Methaluma with him growing up.

  10. ZBC says:

    Wolf is a beast! He deserves a sig frame

  11. tony says:

    wow, not at all the hipster i was expecting! that really did make me feel good.

  12. Estela says:

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