Hoder & Friends

You know this is good. Real deal.

Join Mike Hoder as he rolls around NYC with his homies – Eddie Cleveland, Jackson Ratima, Def Paul, and Randy Brown.

Artist: Naeem Oba
Intro: “Hard Luck”
Main Track: “Break Bread” – feat. Itsrealight

8 responses to “Hoder & Friends”

  1. that 3 … that rail hop… that hasselblad… so nice

  2. stoned kyle says:

    aw man its over?

  3. mikey lup says:

    that was sick.

  4. David Lang says:

    great video. and that camera!!

  5. tom says:

    hoder! FUCK! the pic of that banger looked so crazy, great to see the footage. hope the albion interview happens.

  6. woah! says:

    scary crazy! infront of that many folks, in shorts, vest and mike slims! wild. only hoder.

  7. Mike says:


  8. Lewis says:

    Now it’s time to choose your specific investments.