Reed Stark, Feeble Sidewalk Gap, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

When BSD’s Reed Stark first called this spot out, I was pretty sure what he was planning wasn’t going to be possible. First off, the University of Minnesota is notoriously strict on riding anything on campus. This spot is on a major intersection in plain sight, so I was expecting a security guard to shut things down at any minute. Second, the concrete ledge wasn’t waxed when we first showed up. Even after a few coats (you can even see a pink hue on the edge from the random wax we had on hand), the ledge was sliding pretty slow. The goal was to be going fast enough to clear the sidewalk and gap into the street, and it was definitely going to take some speed. Third, take your pick, either the traffic that we had to dodge every few minutes, or the fact that the drop into the road moved Reed’s handlebars forward into Chicago status.

Despite the situation, Reed handled it like a champ, and cleared the gap on the second try. We packed up, and made a stealthy getaway with what we knew was going to be a good photo and clip.

Ben Austin

photos by Ben Austin