Canon 5D Mk1

For the past 3 years I have shot almost exclusively with my 5D. At the time I bought it they were on sale with the 5D Mk2’s release date announced. It was a good deal for a full frame sensor camera and I still don’t plan to upgrade anytime soon. Typically when shooting a BMX photo I use 2 or 3 flashes depending on the available light and what I want to achieve. I work with Vivitar285’s, one of which I actually inherited from my grandfather about 8 years ago. I like the Vivitars because they are simple, cheap, durable, and relatively powerful.

Lately my lens of choice has been a Canon 15mm fisheye. I’ve done a lot of filming over the years and always had a soft spot for fisheye shots. It seems that background in video has rubbed off on my photography. Also recently a couple times I needed to set up quickly due to a spot being a bust or daylight fading. To get a photo under pressure that I am going to be happy with, I find it easier to compose and light a fisheye shot.

In addition to the 5D I have a couple other cameras, including a 7D and a Mamiya645. The 7D I primarily utilize for BMX sequences. I wish I could say that my Mamiya is doing much more than collecting dust. From time to time I am inspired by the work of others to get back to shooting some film, but just don’t seem to. Maybe someday.

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