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When it comes to photography, I consider myself a hobbyist right now because I shoot for only one reason, and that’s because I love the art. So when it comes to the cameras and setups I prefer, I mainly look for those that are simply fun and interesting. Right now, my favorite setup would have to be a camera that my friend Josh Hayes let me borrow, which is a Bronica ETR si. I’ve always wanted to shoot with a Hasselblad and this is the closest thing I have to it. I love the feel of the body of the camera, and as weird as it sounds, I just like the overall look of the camera. I like the sound of the shutter when you snap a photo. I also enjoy the simple pleasure of the way the film is loaded. I love how you have to wind the film after each shot. The mechanism of the camera you have to go through to shoot one photo is all fun to me.

With this camera, it’s not only the ending destination (the photo) I look forward to, but the journey (the process).

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