I use a lot of random point & shoots. Yashica T4’s and Contax T2’s, stuff like that. In addition, I use a Leica R8 SLR with a variety of Leica lenses. All with a few in camera “tricks” here and there to get colors how I like them.

I’m usually always shooting high speed film without a flash. Sometimes I’ll shoot Kodak 400VC, but usually it’s Fuji 800 Proz. I really love the Fuji 1600 color film, but it’s not made anymore so it’s super expensive. I usually pre-expose much of my film with a technique I came up with in order to give it a color cast without using Photoshop or anything like that. I was never very interested in computers or the Photoshop side of photography, so I prefer to do something in camera. It also makes it exciting to get film back.

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