Pocket camera of choice: Olympus Stylus Epic loaded with Kodak Tmax 400. The Stylus has a fast aperture for sharp and well exposed photos, it fits in your pocket easily, and they’re cheap, so if you drop one it’s not a total bummer.

Camera of choice for RideBMX editorial: Hasselblad 501cm, Fuji Velvia 50 on a bright sunny day, Kodak Tmax 400 when I’m not feeling the colors. Lens choice depends on the subject matter‹ typically, I prefer the 30mm fisheye for smaller setups, rails, and other tight spots. Walking around a city shooting random stuff I’ll use the 80mm, and for long lens I’ll reach for the 120mm. I choose the Hasselblad for obvious reasons, 500th of a second flash sync, 6×6 is a decent chunk of film for good looking print enlargements, and the lenses are all super sharp with great contrast.

Deadline Sensitive: Canon 1DS Mark III. Canon¹s flagship DSLR has a 21 megapixel full frame sensor, so when I know scanning film is not an option or the turnaround time is too quick, this is my go to.

Fly on the wall style: Canon EOS 1N 35mm with Kodak Tmax 400 (sometimes pushed to 800) with either a 15mm or 70-200 (shot tight for shallow DOF). Ambient light back and white photos always stand out the most to me. I think this is my favorite setup to shoot with and I find that I have to force myself not to shoot with it all the time.

Strobe: Lumedyne Action Pack 200ws. Whenever I use strobes this light is somewhere in the equation. Whether it’s the only light filling in shadows from the sun and stopping motion, or a far away fill, it’s crucial.

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