The 5DmkII has been my go to camera for sometime now after selling my Canon 1Ds a while back. It’s fairly light, even with the added battery grip, and—at the moment works for what I need to do. I always use it in manual mode, shoot RAW files in Adobe RGB 1998 color space and the in-camera settings are zeroed out. I find myself using the Canon 28-105mm since it’s on the camera most of the time.

I still shoot digital like I shoot film—I really think about what I’m shooting and act as if I have a limited number of shots I can take, so I make them count. I’ve got a fairly low number of shutter actuations on it. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the 5DmkII except for the control layout and the slow x-sync speed, but I’ve got a little room to work with the x-sync speed via the high-speed sync option on the Canon Speedlite flashes.
These are the two other cameras I use fairly often:

Canon EOS 1V-HS
This is one of my favorite camera bodies and I still use it on occasion when I shoot color slide film and it’s usually loaded with Fuji Provia 100 or 400 ISO. It has basically the same control layout as my old Canon 1Ds had. I absolutely love the way the controls are laid out on this.

Canon Elan 7
This was the first decent camera I had after borrowing a Canon T-70 from a friend. It’s a pretty basic camera and I usually have it loaded up with a roll of Agfa APX-400 for black and white night photography or other projects. I love this film because it has great latitude for pushing, minimal grain size and fantastic tonal range. Most of the stuff I shot at night with this film was pushed to 1600 ISO and it looked fine enlarged on 8×10 paper. With the right exposure and development techniques you can make certain types of film really work well—and this one did it for me. I ended up running a bunch of tests with all kinds of black and white film, developer, water temperature, agitation, development times, etc. years ago and the Agfa-APX 400 turned out the best for me. Sadly, Agfa discontinued this in 2005, but I stocked up and have some “chilling” in the freezer.

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