A while back, we did a gear post featuring filmers talking about their favorite cameras and why, which went over really well. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to do something similar with photographers. The time has come, and I’ve begun to tackle this project.

This is part one, and these features will be delivered in chunks of 10 people. Also, seeing as there is a whole lot of photographers out there, I would go crazy trying to pick the people to feature each time. My solution to insanity prevention was to put all the names in a hat, and have my girl literally pick them each time. So there you have it… Don’t get mad if you don’t see someone you feel should be in here, chances are they will be in one of the next ones.

For this feature, I asked each photographer:

What is Your Camera Setup of Choice and Why?

Click on through to see what Devon Hutchins, Hoang Tran, Jeff Zielinski, Andrew White, Keith Terra, David Leep, Chad Moore, Brian Yeagle, Devin Feil and Walter Pieringer had to say.

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photos by Assorted