ODSY VISION: Painting w/ Terry Adams

Wet Paint + Flatland = A scary slippery situation.

Terry Adams came through like a champ on this one. Imagine everything being slippery and still trying to pull off your flat moves. Craze. I’m pretty sure I had a few heart attacks during the making of this.

6 responses to “ODSY VISION: Painting w/ Terry Adams”

  1. bobbyp says:

    Dang. This is really cool. Do you guys have a picture of what the ‘canvas’ looks like after the session was over?

  2. amanda says:

    Amazing, how can I buy this!

  3. Ian says:

    as an artist and bmx rider. thats one of the most creative mediums ive ever seen and the end result was beautiful. you should cut it into a frameable sizes and have terry sign them, i want part of that on my wall.

  4. nanoo.net says:

    That is true for funding recommendation as nicely.

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