Q&A: Justin Kosman / The Hunt

Justin Kosman is heading up a new video contest called The Hunt. The premise behind this project may be familiar to some of you, but it’s now back to life for a new generation of filmers and riders. Be sure to register asap if you are interested.

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Click below to check out a quick Q&A with Justin about it.

Kosman, What’s up? In addition to all of the 67124827862 million things you do, you have decided to take on a new video project. Tell us about it.

The Hunt is a BMX video part contest. A long list of bad-ass riders and filmers from around the world will be invited to compete and create something that has never been seen. We will also have a few open spots for riders and filmers who register early.

What is the premise behind The Hunt and how will it work?

It’s a simple idea. Any legit rider in the world can film a video part and enter it in this contest and win the $5000. Second prize is airfare to Barcelona and all the top 5 get some cash pay out with prizes from Vans and Monster. The top-ten will be featured in a DVD premiering in October. The Apsire contest had this same model seven years ago, and I’m bringing it back with Jim Rienstra’s blessing. I want to take the idea and go to truly global proportions and put some independent riders on the map.

What inspired you to get The Hunt going?

There are so many videos released online everyday, I wanted to create a place for independent vids to exist and recognize today’s BMX front runners in a DVD. Right now, professional content is elbow to elbow with a curb cut edit from Timmy Smithers and his leftover collection. It’s a poor model that floods good media hubs with garbage. A little discretion goes a long way and The Hunt will be the place to make a lasting impression and be rewarded for it.

What are you expecting from the submissions? Do you hope kids will step up with the production value while keeping the focus on good riding as well?

We will have a panel of pro riders and filmers filter out the top twenty semi-finalist, so there will have to be solid filming and riding to make the cut. In the end it will be the riding that is being judged and I have no doubt some wild videos will emerge.

Who is involved with the project so far?

Vans, Monster and Odyssey are my partners for this project and they are all making this thing the best it can be or else they wouldn’t be a part of it. As the contest unfolds, there will be some more stuff revealed from the sponsors. Brian Kachinsky and I had a really long talk about the project in the months leading up to today, and his insight will shine through in this contest. Having been and Aspire winner in ’04, Brian knows how important it was to his budding career at the time. Event contests have their limits and there are more video-part riders than ever.

Will you be managing the whole thing throughout?

I will be managing the whole thing from beginning to end. Banquet stepped up to be my media partner, so I have the support of one of the largest digital networks in action sports.

Was it difficult getting The Hunt off the ground? Looks like you are offering up some good money for the winners.

Yes. But the project speaks for itself, and the sponsors you see here know that supporting grass roots and independent projects are important to the sport. This has been about a year in the works, and the time was finally right to hit the switch.

Thanks Justin, anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?

Follow @thehuntbmx and any questions please refer to the FAQs page on thehuntbmx.com. In the weeks to come, we will be releasing the rider invite lists on a one to basis. If you want to be a part of The Hunt, register on the site and make sure you get a spot. Not everyone who registers will be accepted into the contest. Chances are if you are good you’ll get a spot. We are planning a pretty nuts premier in Las Vegas and if you make the top twenty you’ll be on the VIP list.

The Hunt is on, come if you can.

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