Chase / Ross / Empire / B.I.K.E.

Chase Hawk & Aaron Ross go at it for Empire.

The other day we started the day off with a little session at the 45th street ditch. While waiting for everyone to meet up, Chase and Aaron decided to play a quick game of B.I.K.E. for fun. The game ended up lasting a lot longer than we anticipated with Aaron doing some tricks he has never even done before. Enjoy…


-No tricks that require brakes. (Fufanus and Abubacas)

-No tailwhips or barspins. (Kinda)

-Last letter gets two tries.

-Some tricks may have to be redone if not pulled clean.

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17 responses to “Chase / Ross / Empire / B.I.K.E.”

  1. walter s. says:

    why did he even do a barspin at the end? did he want to win so badly? pretty weak. it’s supposed to be fun…

  2. mr pibb says:

    that fox shirt aaron is wearing is fucking sick…nobody liked it when i bought but something tells me they will now. ohhh yeaaahh.

  3. Sean says:

    I always enjoy watching chase ride in his videos, but when is the next empire video coming out?

  4. Dave Parrick's ghost says:

    the Empire video will be done by June 30, with premieres in Austin and Chicago shortly thereafter

  5. tiago brazil says:

    very good, chase e aron!

  6. brecht says:

    fucking awesome spot ! (and clip)

  7. @walter s. Chase agreed to let Aaron try that trick because the game was dragging on and we wanted to leave. It was all just for fun so settle down. Chase has done a fakie barspin at that spot in the past anyways.

  8. george costanza says:

    does anyone think Dave Parrick ghost’s words are true? if they are i better start buying some toilet paper for the bmx ejaculation that will be the empire video.

  9. Dave Parrick's ghost says:


  10. b00b says:

    Dave P, Philly needs a premier.

  11. Jj says:

    damn wish my comp would play this.. i hear it just skips pictures

  12. Alex says:

    Dave Parrick = The fucking man. Stoked for the Empire video.

  13. Chris B says:

    Goodness gracious, a lot of tricks in the arsenal.

  14. Aaron Ross says:

    I support the comment. All in good fun.

    On another note. This is my first comment on a bmx site ever I think… ONLY CAUSE ITS DEFGRIP 🙂

  15. Omari Cato says:

    I just realized Aaron Ross and Seth Rogan sound similar lol

  16. And that is an investment risk worth taking.