Pretty epic music video for an artist named Woodkid… I wonder where the budget came from to produce this video?

8 responses to “Woodkid”

  1. cbleslie says:

    I think it’s only as expensive as the compositors time was worth, so lets say 100 an hour at about 20 hours per shot; give or take, 85+ hours. Then production, if run well, could have had everything shot in a day, professional, non-union, 7000-9000.
    So fairly cheep as far as music videos are shot.

    Most CEO’s spend 20 times that on their golf course memberships every year.

    Well “color timed”/exposed though; great post.

  2. Blah says:

    Is that Ross Tanner?

  3. Darren says:

    yep, it’s totally Ross Tanner who appears to be a model now (weird) http://models.com/work/-554-polaroid-ross-tanner-fall-09

  4. Alex says:

    Pretty epic indeed.

  5. Harrison Boyce says:

    So random that’s Ross Tanner… I had no idea when I posted this!

  6. dave says:

    and model agyness deyn plays the owl tamer

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