Nick Jones @ Random

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I had seen this wallride plenty of times before and never really could shoot a photo on it because of the crazy seaside cops! During the winter time the entire town mellows out so while having Cam Gerace and Ben Miller staying at my house during mid November i thought it would be a good time to go ride in Seaside. We rolled up to the wallride and Ben didn’t even hesitate to do it. He looked at the sand covered landing and it didn’t really bother him and before we knew it he was trucking at this wall. On our way back to my house after riding all Ben had to say was “I wanna 180 out of that”. Stoked to shoot that next time hes in Jersey!

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5 responses to “Nick Jones @ Random”

  1. NickJones says:

    thanks so much for posting this Harrison!

  2. Ben Austin says:

    Cool shot! I like the crate of “Frosty Flakes” in the background, haha!

  3. matts says:

    killr photo. hell yeah NJ!

  4. Billy perry says:

    Ayy! nice shots nick.

  5. says:

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