Mutiny Denton / Fort Worth Edit

Here’s the newest Mutiny edit that we gave you a preview of in the Disposed feature. Filmed & edited by Joe Simon and it’s every bit a good as you’d imagine.

According to Gaz:
A 4 day trip to Denton and Fort Worth, TX. Featuring Randy Taylor, Brandon Hoerres,
George Boyd and Mikey Luplow.

Fun and Bromance.

This was pre Randy’s last surgery hence the low clip count. He’s been in so much pain
with the hardware hitting his nerves. That’s shit’s out now and we plan to start filming
with Randy soon.


  • TU$K

    I need to invest in some neutral density filters after watching that.

  • Michael Wilson

    That… was pretty dope.

    I love how everyone finally discovered high-frame-rate recording devices and steadycams. These videos look amazing, and the camera-crew make the incredible riding just that much better.

    Nice edit.

  • tom perry

    Gorgeous as usual, Joe’s the man.

  • matts

    once again with the best web-vids and music.

  • Adam Banton

    This is BMX in 2011. Simply amazing.

  • Wednesday

    Amazing edit as usual but why skimp on the typography on the thumb? Looks like all the names were typeset but not the title? Could be wrong…

  • stoned kyle

    joe simon, to me, is the best thing that happened to bmx