Minimal Branding

Here’s a rad design exercise in keeping shit simple when it comes to packaging. I understand shoppers need to be stimulated somehow, but I feel like most of these examples end up looking better than the original. A lot of OG logos are timeless, and some of these do end up looking a bit generic super stripped down, but this is interesting to see anyway. Please note, these are not real.

Part 2 just went up HERE, and part one can be seen HERE.

The 2nd part added an additional super stripped version.

Design by Antrepo.

8 responses to “Minimal Branding”

  1. Dakins says:

    Some of these look like No Name products. I love simple clean designs, but there are times when it doesn’t work.

    Example, I love the Red Bull can, but the Guinness can is almost boring.

  2. For a second I thought this was a case study showing the evolution of Tabasco. Bit disappointed because that far right bottle is looking quite amazing.
    I feel like they missed a step in simplification though. If they were to replace the neutral san serif typeface with the companies logotype…money.

  3. tate says:

    cool post nuno

  4. Bink says:

    Minimalism works when the audience is more educated/older/sophisticated, but down-playing the noise on the candy and gum wrappers doesn’t really work. The Guinness can is really boring, but I would attribute that to the designer rather than the minimalist philosophy.

    Thanks a lot for the link.

  5. hhmmmmm yeah really hot find there, cant get enough of this minimal branding right now. I’d love to see a lookbook of these, or maybe someone could make a web-zine yah? blah blah iphone app blah blah vintage feel blah blah corey and nathan blah blah really great textures blah blah blah just cruising so effortless blah blah glidecam.

  6. unboundconcept says:

    minimalism is great, this is certainly an interesting study and i think provides inspiration for modern design

  7. hawbra says:

    Its nice to see how well a brand can be recognized when it is stripped down to its logo and its product.

  8. Lowell says:

    Now it’s time to decide your particular