Kachinsky Introduces The Bakery

Stoked that word of this is now public.

Check out the press release HERE, bookmark the site HERE and follow The Bakery on Twitter

8 responses to “Kachinsky Introduces The Bakery”

  1. plume says:

    what’s the musics ?

  2. dan says:

    So its an exclusive skatepark/bmx facility (whatever you like to call it) that no one can ride, but we can all get on the net and watch our “favourite” riders “shred it”. Hardly news worthy. No offence against Brian whatsoever, as he is one of the nicest guys that BMX has, full stop. But why dont you just start putting up links of every person who has got off their ass, put the effort in, and created something to lay their 20″ treads on.

  3. tom perry says:

    Dan: I think the point is that they’re going to be putting out original content and from the looks of the trailer everything will be pretty damn well done. I look at it as a new kind of web series and it sounds like a cool idea to me.

  4. dan says:

    Tom: Point noted…

  5. Albert says:

    The Berrics for BMX.

  6. Sean says:

    Just what I was about to say ^
    Cool as long as the site is updated regularly

  7. Sean says:

    Song is: Shiller – Ratatat

  8. Rudolph says:

    Buyers do pay direct and oblique prices.