Interview: Chase Dehart

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A lot of East Coasters have moved out west recently, do you ever see yourself transplanting from Jersey?

Hell no, this is home man. I will always travel and get out of here to get away. I’m so fortunate to be able to do that to keep home fresh for me, but no, I could never see myself moving out there. The West Coast is never yours, you’re always sharing it with so many other people, skaters and bike riders. Every kid is the next big thing out there, looking at you like who the fuck are you?

Out here, it’s mine man, I know everybody. I don’t have to share shit with anybody but my 3 friends. Every spot feels like mine, like it was put there for me, I need that feeling. I can’t go out to Cali and blend, I know what it would do to me, I see what it is doing to the people who live in Cali and have all these people coming into their home. I would lose my motivation with that much going, even just on a trip. I’m not nearly as focused or hungry as I am at home, because everything I go to I feel like it’s somebody else’s, and I want them to have that. I don’t want to be riding someone else’s spots just to further my bike riding, I want my own spots. I can further my bike riding here just as well, if not better than I could out there, I feel like I do every day.

Speaking of, don’t think your Jersey Shore references on Twitter go unnoticed, haha…

Haha! Fuck man, you couldn’t possibly tell me those people aren’t entertaining, stupid or not. They are just funny and surprisingly real, besides, I come from an Italian family, so I can relate to half the humor. That shit is real man, not by me, that shit doesn’t happen on this end of Jersey, but it’s real haha…. You go to a club over on that end of Jersey, and you’re going to see exactly what you see in the show, and they don’t care. You couldn’t tell them they aren’t the shit, ever, you could never make those people feel like shit, I have so much respect for that.

In all honesty, this interview actually spawned itself from following you on Twitter. Judging by most of your tweets, I can’t help but feel that you’re super motivated/inspired and just positive overall. Where’s your head at these days?

Haha, hell yeah! Good to hear Twitter is good for something, and thank you Nuno.

Honestly, I am so motivated. I always have been and always will be. I have no idea why, I’m always positive. I’m always ready to ride or handle whatever I’m dealing with or comes my way. I have my moments no doubt about it, I’m human and I break down, but 9 out of 10 times, I’m just happy with everything I’m surrounded by. I can put aside anything and look at the bigger picture and get passed it. I guess I can say that’s where my head is at, just looking at the bigger picture as much as I possibly can and getting passed what’s in my way. I never let shit get in the way of where I want to go. If I want to get somewhere, I will get there no doubt about it. My mom has always told me that. She says I have always gotten what I have wanted, and I don’t mean by asking my mom and she will give me what I want, I mean I will go through anything and everything to get what I want out of something, at all costs.

I guess if you feel good, you ride good yeah?

Absolutely. My bad days of riding never have anything to do with bike riding, ever, it’s always something just blocking my mind, just something fucking with me and making me think about it, you just have to learn to block that out. Not if it’s important though, if it’s important you have to handle it so it goes away by doing the right thing, but if you have some bullshit, some shit that you know does not matter in the end messing with your head, you just have to shut that shit out. You have to do what’s best for your mind at all times so you can be at your fullest potential.

How does music play into everything? What have you been listening to lately?

Music doesn’t play into much for me man. I mean I love music, but I can not ride my bike with music. I’ll listen to music in the morning real loud to get me awake and motivated, or especially in whoever’s car I’m in, I will blast music to get us hyped, but I mean that’s really it.

I have been listening to Meek Mill – Mr. Philadelphia on repeat, that’s it. I wake up and put that on, every track has so much energy. That’s really the only music I like, anything with a lot of energy. Everyone’s always like, “oh man Chase you’re so chill you’re always chillin and smokin”, they don’t really know that inside I’m just filled with so much energy. It’s hard to tell because if I don’t know you I’m really shy, but on a trip, I’m the last dude asleep and the first dude up, and I’ll be the first to bust my bike out at the spot and ride until we leave, cracking jokes on the whole crew and being loud.

What’s your take on Twitter? It’s added an interesting element to our lives?

Twitter is funny man. You have 140 letters to get your point across, so half the shit you’re saying is getting cut short, and it’s not nearly coming off the way it’s intended. That causes some funny confrontations, which is fine with me, I don’t mind that shit. I’m the dude who, if you’re looking at me funny, I’m gonna ask you what the fuck you’re looking at, so It’s just kind of fun to see how people take each other on there. I’d say it’s an interesting element, cause you got dudes arguing, saying their opinion and so and so is saying theirs back, or someone putting up funny pictures or funny quotes. I just think it’s funny and for fun, anything serious on there is usually a joke. I hope no one there is dead serious about what they say, I know I’m not.

I feel like your one of the dudes that gets tangled up in some wacky Twitter drama from time to time, even if it’s not actually too serious. What happens there? I feel like its easy to take shit the wrong way on Twitter sometimes.

Yeah exactly, that’s what I’m saying man. I for one, am just not one to be talked to in any type of way I don’t want to be talked to. So someone can be telling me how they feel… they might be being nice, they might be being a dick, I can’t tell because it’s some stupid comment through a computer, so I will confront it, or they will confront me, and that is that. Then, I will say if I meant it in this way, or meant it in that way. I think a lot of dudes are just little babies, they can’t handle being confronted. I can handle it, I might get a little tight and ask the dude why he said that, but I’m only looking for an explanation, I’m not looking for an argument or fight, unless they want one, then yeah of course I will fall into that.

42 responses to “Interview: Chase Dehart”

  1. ben says:

    such a great read, this dude is inspiring

  2. Jamie says:

    inspiring stuff. now time to ride some crappy stuff here in Yeovil, England.

  3. Will Stroud says:

    Take notes kids. Chase D is a true professional and one of my favorite people.

  4. C. Doyle says:

    I liked his explanation of why he doesn’t move to Cali and how he’s east coast for life.

  5. Joshua says:

    Awesome. So good to come across someone so enthusiastic and completely sincere. Chase’s down to earth attitude is extremely inspiring. Way too rare.

    The necessity of having to do what’s best for one’s mind definitely rings true.

    Great insight. Thank you for this interview ! Both to you Nuno and Chase as well

  6. Amazing interview, real as it gets. chase D is the man, defgrip rules.

  7. Logan Eyre says:

    Chase Steezhart is a super rad dude, best style and attitude in BMX..

  8. Eh says:

    I dont wanna say it,but alot of socal kids are a lil bitch about spots

    too spoiled! you show’m your spots and some of em complain way too much , thats why it never appeals to me a edit out of a socal school/cement park anymore ! shit is fabricated

    work your spots ! good read

  9. Colin P says:

    I live in Easton, MD and it is the exact same way….. shitty, but it makes you appreciate riding more.

  10. Lucas says:

    i think anyone from a small town can relate to this, but i would be in cali in a minute if the opportunity arose

  11. AZ says:

    Chase D, is the man!

  12. doug says:

    hell i can totally confide in what chase is saying. i hate riding made to ride stuff expect for a few skatepark ramps and i like scoping out my own spots cause i like to do something new and fresh instead of trying to one up some one at a more unknown spot

  13. billy p says:

    Such a good interview.

  14. Andrew says:

    dope. i can appreciate the hell out of a pro that’ll pedal to find shit instead of drive. real as it gets.

  15. Jack says:

    eh down here in az its the same as everywhere too many good people doing drugs. plus there are our extremely HOTTT summers.

  16. Matthew says:

    Out here in California, bmx is still illegal in sk8parks, its pretty whackkkk

  17. Javee says:

    Real motherfucker right there… so good.

  18. bry says:

    came back to look at this a second time, such a great interview

  19. Chris B says:

    Good stuff Chase.

  20. Colby Larson says:

    Great & insightful interview. Chase definitely seems like a genuine individual. Thanks for putting this together!

  21. Dave L says:

    Personally, I don’t get all the hype around this kid. Seriously who does he think he’s fooling when he says that he didn’t realize that things were bad at fit? Stop reading into his bullshit kids, he runs 30″ wide bars and grabs at the crossbar. Gross. Sorry but this self rightious egomainac needs to go away.

  22. Lucas says:

    ^ i think you need to go away, chase d can stay

  23. James says:

    Lucas, you’re a dork.

  24. Ethan says:

    I love this. All riders can relate to this. Making something out of basically nothing and making it awesome

  25. chase says:

    lucas, i did say i knew things were bad at fit, i said “being so tight with robbie, i knew what was going on with him and the building” you could find that out by reading the interview..

  26. Lucas says:

    what? i was agreeing with you dude

  27. Every kid at my local park is jocking Chase D and Nathan Williams so hard I want to puke. The difference is they wouldn’t shred just any old spot and definitely not without their beanie and camera for maximum coolness.

  28. matt says:

    that was a really good interview… its great to see a REAL interview with someone who actually has something to say thats worth reading. the mike hinkens interview on espn was a really good read too.

  29. Richie says:

    Still riding the original fit dehart frame<3

  30. chase says:

    thank you for all the positive comments, seriously means alot to me to read! i’m really sorry Lucas!! i confused your name with DAVE L, real sorry about that!

  31. Collin B says:

    I loved this now my dans package needs to get to my house so i can ride.

  32. chris says:


  33. alex says:

    chase dehart always in my heart and come to spain man

  34. J. North says:

    I know the same struggles that Chase faces with riding crappy jersey street “spots”. I live only a half hour from the dude and he couldn’t have said it better.

  35. Dave R says:

    Chase is my biggest inspiration when I ride. I am proud to say I ride the same spots he does. Hopefully I’ll see you in Princeton some day man!

  36. will says:

    dave l is a queer. chase dehart is the best rider out there all his lines are sick and creative.

  37. Dewey Sincel says:

    Como siempre, Chase!…..Escribiendo desde mi ordenador en Guadalajara,Jalisco.Mexico. En donde esperamos el momento en que Cult y toda su gente arrive esta ciudad que tiene mucho que ofrecerles!:Gente,Calle,Chicas,Diversion y todo lo que a un biker le puede gustar.
    Desde mi punto de vista, Chase Dehart: eres un exelente biker! siempre con estilo unico desde la primera vez que te vi en MOSH-S.F. Trip y que gracias a este vid he podido ver la forma en que has evolucionado en el BMX, hasta un dia revisando un vid en VHS, VHS!!!! es algo viejo para estos tiempos, descubri que sales ahi, el nombre de este es “Running of empty”, tal vez te acuerdes de el!. Estoy contento de poder escribir esto y que tu puedas leerlo porque todos los que conoces saben que soy tu seguidor y esto significa que soy tu SEGUIDOR no pretendo imitar todas tus movidas pero es que, desde que vi S.F trip me vi proyectado en ti, giros hacia el mismo lado gustos en comun que hicieron ver en ti un Dewey (ese soy yo) mas desarrollado en el BMX. Como siempre espero que el respeto llege desde aca, Mexico en donde se practica BMX y se admira CULT y la rapidez con la que todos ustedes han crecido, era obvio que lo lograrian!. Yo lo sabia.
    Bueno me despido sin antes decirte que GRACIAS por esa VIBRA que Transmiten en cada vid nuevo,entrevista y noticias, tienen que saber que mantiene el BMX vivo dia a dia!.
    Atentamente: Dewey Sincel! BMX RIDER 4EVER. 16 YEARS OLD. KEEP IT REAL! BUENA MIERDA!!!!

  38. Dylan says:

    Seems such a cool guy

  39. Tommy says:

    i wish i ride with him at some future time :O

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