CLAMS CASINO — Instrumental Mixtape

12 BEATS BY THE GENIUS PRODUCER OF LIL B’S “I’M GOD”, “I’M THE DEVIL”, “MOTIVATION”, AND “REALEST ALIVE”. Hailing from New Jersey Clammy Clams dropped his free instrumental mixtape to the cyber world a few days ago and honestly I’ve listened to nothing else since. Even if ‘rap’ isn’t something you care about… musically… these are all really compelling pieces of work that should be given some thought.


For full effect light a j, download this shit, slap it on your pod, and ride your bike better than ever before.


  • Casey

    Shit is RETARDED good.

  • John

    It isnt working for me!

  • doug

    same here! its not working for me it says the format isnt supported on my computer. is it because i have a windows and this file is only for macs?

  • Josh Clancy

    Ah word — updated the link to a zip.

    Should be good.

  • Lucas

    i’ll be honest i downloaded this not expecting much and it blew my mind, good stuff

  • good stuff!

  • Harrison Boyce

    Definitely into this album!

  • John

    Wow, after downloading, all I have to say is that this is absolutely amazing.

  • Gustav Joseph

    Sooooo Good! Thank you for the music.

  • FUCK thats amazing, had the album on repeat all day, probably all year too

  • thanx !!!

  • His production is INSANE! I didn’t think anyone was going to be able to touch what Kno and Blue Sky Black Death does. But, Clams Casino is in the same league! He is my favorite producer right now. You can just lay back and vibe out to his production. Thank you for this.

  • Mesdits

    download @ 160k

  • Mesdits

    download @ 160k

  • Definitely amazing beats!

  • Till507

    Genius. Wait – is that semen on his logo?

  • Dude has skills for sure!!

  • Momomaster


  • please check my remix of clam casino’s natural:

  • Rebecca

    yesss, thank you for having a link with a live download!!! rocking out to CC as we speak, damn that jersey boy is ill.

  • Clams Casino My Nigga… I rapped over his beat Real Shit

    check it out

  • G

    Link is dead 🙁