The ‘Aspiration’ episode of How TV Ruined Your Life by the BBC. Incredibly funny Charlie Brooker banter accompanied by an array of archival footage. Hit the jump to ruin your life.

7 responses to “Aspirations”

  1. Jordan says:

    excellent show

  2. Adam H says:

    i genuinely love this

  3. Joe says:

    The whole series has been rather amusing. knowledge is a goodun

  4. H Man says:

    Charlie Brooker is the man, the whole series is one of the best things on British TV right now!

  5. ethan says:

    this guy is a fuckin genius

  6. Patrick says:

    …which is why it didn’t matter that, moments later, he was killed by a meteorite.

  7. Shaunte says:

    A financial advisor is your planning associate.