A Look into the Federal Ads

Federal put together a great short documentary about their latest series of print ads. Each ad is an original painting by the artist Robert Sample featuring a rider from the Federal team. Click here to check out the first two ads from the series.

9 responses to “A Look into the Federal Ads”

  1. Lucas says:

    Liking the paintings, and i respect them for going a different way with their ads. Although i feel like a picture of one of their riders doing a trick is going to be much more influential towards me wanting to buy one of their products.

  2. south bay dre says:

    i love the scratch away. BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Luke Godson says:

    awesome insight nicely done!

  4. Brendan Vail says:

    Dope, Federals new stuff is on point

  5. Nicely done. Loved the insight from the artist.

  6. Bab says:

    hey send me the link of that video I want to put it in my favorite

  7. Dunk says:

    I actually like that fact that the pictures are not BMX trick related. The fact that they are printed so big makes them stand out and anyone who appreciated quality art work will take time to stop and look at the pictures.
    I look forward to seeing the rest!

  8. Thank you for your curiosity in Funding Advice.