A Day Made of Glass – Corning

Here’s Corning’s look at the future. On one hand our lives look so much easier and more efficient because of the technology; on the other hand these people don’t go five seconds without touching a screen and the wife can’t even leave the driveway before swiping the navi ten or twenty times.

I like that the video tries to diffuse the predictable “no one has real conversations anymore” response by focusing on how their technology can help you stay in touch with the grandparents and hang with your kids in the morning and have so much time to spare that you can make breakfast from scratch, but dang. Can the future please have a little more style? The daughters’ uniforms indicate that future families will be able to afford private school, but the dad’s 1/4 zip fleece indicates that all the technology in the world can’t give you taste.

Watch here.

9 responses to “A Day Made of Glass – Corning”

  1. Mike says:

    Wife doesn’t even know how to get to work.

  2. Harrison Boyce says:

    Wait, you still have to actually go to a store to buy shit… and you can’t even turn the lights off once you’ve already got into bed? the future sucks. haha. That was actually cool to see. The thing that stood out most aside from the bad style was the racial mix of the family… The future consists of a perfect blend of all cultures.

  3. shino says:

    he didn’t even get head before going to bed..

  4. ryan says:

    I think it’s funny that after a hundred years of marketing and design technology is still sold as a way to simplify your life and give you more time to relax but we end up filling that time with more busy work that eventually becomes mandatory just look at this ad from the 1920’s

  5. Jerry Logarth says:

    Seems all that technology couldn’t prevent that accident on her way to work. Someone probably crashed while driving and swiping 20 different screens at the same time.

  6. rylo says:

    Not sure I like the so many screens thing. People are too connected as is in my opinion. Not even being able to get away from work in the bathroom? Yikes. A scary thought.

  7. dan says:

    Fuck me! I feel like killing myself after watching that. More glass=more broken glass. And how the hell are you gonna read anything if its fucks up…or the power goes out. And who the hell wants to talk to their work in the bathroom of a morning.
    I guess everyone will be a drone in the future anyhow. Slaving for the NWO or some shit. This is probably like a grooming exercise to get everyone accepting of the inevitability of our fates.
    Fuck the future! Ramble over!

  8. BUB says:

    Like no one’s going to figure out how to hack that and watch you shower, or populate your refrigerator with constant pop up ads. And when you wipe toothpaste and pimple pus off of the bathroom mirror, are you going to accidentally email your entire contact list? What then? Reboot your house?

    I’d give her directions…to the bone zone.

  9. Margareta says:

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