Interview: Chris Rye / Props Visual

Steve Crandall’s artwork has graced Props a few times. Here’s one example.




  • Chad Moore

    Great interview, I wonder from time to time how those dudes were doing. So good to see they are keep afloat!! So much of my life was influenced by Props videos, its crazy. LOVE.

  • I grew up on Props; spending up to $40 (Canadian) to buy an issue, memorizing quotes from Road Fools and following in their nomadic footsteps. Very cool read. Keep it up (Defgrip & Props).

  • C. Doyle

    I used to save my lunch money to buy issues of Props. The one with the Kris Bennett interview was my favorite.

  • Mike Yaquinto

    Loved Props videos as a kid and still do, keep it up cause everyone knows when a props video is coming out its going to be good.

  • LandonP

    Good interview, I definitely won’t ever get sick of the Props videos

  • I used to buy every issue of Props from issue 3.
    and watched every issue more than 10 times.
    Props has been a super BMX information source for us in Japan.

  • Jeff Sack

    I have several boxes of VHS Props issues in my basement. The credits were always the best. We’d quote dudes at our local trails… Miron calling out Stauffer, JRP on taking a shower, Reynolds on clipless pedals… Such great memories!

    The one with the C. Doyle interview where he wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up is my favorite.

  • Peterg

    Props created some of the best memories and friends for me. So thank you!

  • Craig R

    I feel honored to have been a part of Props. That was a great time in my life, and they were part of it. Amazing.

  • Rob j

    Great interview! Props was also an incredible source for new music growing up. I remember pausing vids, trying to figure out the band names and going down to the record store with a list of music I wanted.

  • Dylan

    Props should do a re-release of the early years. Maybe a special dvd that has the whole first year with some bonus stuff; it could have a little insert that shows the covers on individual pages with an old Props sticker or something. I think a lot of older guys would buy these because it is very hard to find these old issues these days.

  • south bay dre

    good read.

  • Emsea

    Did anyone else find the messages printed on the tabs inside the covers?

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