Have Fun WIth It

The Focalpoint dudes out of Melbourne Australia just dropped a new mixtape style DVD entitled Have Fun With It, along with this promo.

Riders featured in the video are… Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Cooper Brownlee, Sam Illman, Big Salad, Lachy Swanton, Flagz, Luke Vandenberg, Jack Kelly, Mick Bayzand, Troy Jackson, Dylan Kneebone, Nick Harris, Kym Grosser, Mitchell McDonald, Codie Ryan, Phil Del Tito, Polly, Graham Stott, and Rhys Yeomans.

You can pick up copies (or some other goodies) HERE.

via – tcu

3 responses to “Have Fun WIth It”

  1. Max says:

    Whoa. What’s that song?

  2. Rhys Yeomans says:

    I’ve made it!!
    Hey Mum!! I’m on Defgrip!!!

  3. thanks for the post guys, appreciate the love.

    The song is by Astronautalis and DJ Fishr Price, the song is do you believe in life after thugs, on the album dancehallhornsound.