Dakota Roche / Monster Edit

Dakota Roche for Monster. You know what to do.

6 responses to “Dakota Roche / Monster Edit”

  1. fvd says:

    Shit mah pants. That’s what I done did.

  2. tony says:

    i can recall a time in the past when i somehow wrote off “dak” as nothing more than a stereotypical new-school brakeless street rider throwing 270-trucks and hop-whips over yet another nameless flat-bank street hip.

    how embarrassingly wrong i was.

    i don’t think there’s a harder working rider out there more deserving of a sponsorship by monster. hope he’s getting paid a million dollars.

  3. toky says:

    Fuck thats the highest bunnyhop from flat ive ever seen

  4. h00d says:

    Oh yeah, watch out for Dak!

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