Banksy – Livin The Dream

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I almost feel obligated to write about this since I’ve seen it a bunch on other sites, through my Tumblr and Flickr. I guess by doing so, I’m just adding to the hype, but whatever. I like Banksy’s stuff and make no bones about it. I also love when the haters come out on him.

Anyway… Banksy has been hitting up LA recently, and people have been coming across his stuff. Considering Exit Through The Gift Shop is nominated for an Oscar, none of this seems out of place. The above billboard takeover (I hate that term) on Sunset Blvd. depicting a coked-out Minnie Mouse and a sleazy Mickey is getting most of the attention, and even though it doesn’t scream Banksy’s signature style to me, it’s still rad. And it’s also now torn down. I’m sure more stuff will be surfacing.

Also, you can’t get more LA than ending up on TMZ, so I guess Banksy really is Livin The Dream.

4 responses to “Banksy – Livin The Dream”

  1. Jonsey says:

    Sooo, that’s an amazing piece of artwork right there, Banksy is a genius… there are haters?? This is news to me, and laughable, really.

  2. pundit says:

    I suppose by haters he means people that have their own views and are not afraid to express their opinions even if they go against popular belief. It’s kind of a Karl Rove/George W way of framing all that is not in agreement with your own view and avoiding discussion. It’s perfectly legit to question Banksy’s motives, tactics and means. One could even say it’s not even great art. But if a lot of people like it and an equal amount dislike it, it should make for a nice discussion based on arguments.

    Personally I think Banksy is obviously a very talented visual artist and also very good at marketing himself, but unfortunately his work lacks substance and ultimately, after the initial chuckle, it is quite boring.

    I suppose that makes me a hater.

  3. Rico says:

    same bro^

  4. Bridgette says:

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