Nathan – When I moved to Nashville six years ago Nathan was a reserved home schooled kid who had the most style on a bike in the city. He came out of his shell after the first year I knew him and has since made a name in the BMX world. It’s been really great to see one of my best friends flourish as he has, all the while remaining the good person he always has been. This photo of him grinding the rail had all the odds against it. I shot it on an old medium format camera that I bought the week before off craigslist for $225. I took it to Atlanta with us that weekend and didn’t know if it worked or not. This spot is at a big Georgia university that is notoriously strict on skating and biking, especially at this dorm we were at, and across the street we could see an officer looking at us. I quickly set up two flashes, didn’t meter, and Nathan gave it a go. We actually got to ride that spot for a good bit afterwards before we got the boot. Knowing this in hindsight I would have done stuff differently in the photo, but it has such a better story knowing all the factors. After I got that first roll developed I stopped by Nathan’s house on the way home from the lab. Nathan was psyched on the photo, as were Dean and Ian at United, so it became a poster.

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photos by Andrew White