Austin Church Gap Recall

This is true BMX history right here-Jimmy Levan getting the church gap in Austin, Texas done, over a decade ago. In true Props fashion, this isn’t just the segment from Road Fools 1 put online, it’s a re-edited version with a ton of footage nobody has seen before. Respect!

2 responses to “Austin Church Gap Recall”

  1. allan cooke says:

    Man I remember that so well, it really opened my eyes to what was possible on a BMX bike. That whole RF 1, Joe, Taj, Frimuth man we watched that thing everyday after school for 2 years. Its cool to see it again, you could see it in Jimmy and everyone’s eyes that was there that they had just witnessed something special. Jimmy = LEGEND

  2. Rob j says:

    I keep a vcr just to watch that video.