Albert Mercado / Defgrip / Kink Edit

Our boy Albert Mercado whipped up this dope edit for us, which I am super stoked on. Albert and I have spoken for a bit about getting him on the site, and I’m happy that the day has come.

Andre Gonzalez filmed, and Darryl Tocco beasted out the edit, so shouts to them.

Song – “Spaceships” by Tweak Bird.


filmed by Filmer-Andre Gonzalez. Edit by Darryl Tocco
edited by
  • nobody special


  • skiboop

    this was rad. ben hittle defgrip exclusive needed next.

  • LandonP


  • I love AL.

  • swag!

  • pbviously

    did you even read the description where it clearly states the song…

  • Yeah Albert! So stoked man…

  • Anthem 2

    1:12 was fucking amazing! that made my year.

  • I concur with that Anthem2.

  • Yeah Albie!

  • matt colisch

    Hell Ya! this made me want to go ride on my lunch break. I love this blind motherfucker.

  • whohoo

    creative riding! banger was sick!!!!

  • Neal

    fuck yes! dude’s rad. agreed, ben hittle next.

  • jake


  • braaaap

    stop saying “our boy”…

  • Noir

    Why is he not on Kink pro yet?

  • Put him on the pro team kink!

  • Fat Chick

    FUCK!!!! he did the wallride that I wanted to do first!!!

  • yea!!!

    kink pro kink pro kink pro!!!

  • tate

    yeah albert! way too many good riders in san diego

  • moo

    alberto fucking kills it. he’s gotten so much more dialled since the last (also awesome) edit

  • Will Gray

    Artist = Tweak Bird
    Song = Spaceships

  • hey albert. i want your babies.
    kiyl says- give this nigga some money.

  • Kitteh

    He should be pro! wake up kink!

  • derek j

    sick! great song too.

  • Jonsey

    Wicked well done on allll fronts. How do you make that slow mo looka so good at 1:12?

  • Carvajal896

    I love Darryl Tocco’s edits.

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