Travis Collier Defgrip Jackets

Travis Collier has been modifying and making custom clothes for as long as I’ve known him. The past few years, he’s gotten really into customizing military jackets, so we thought it would be really cool if he put together a few limited jackets for Defgrip! We have some available for sale on our online store now, so pick one up and keep reading to check out a bunch of photos shot by David Lang!!

I feel strongly about custom fit and detailing in clothing. So much so that I spend alot of time customizing my own wardrobe and accessories. These Defgrip jackets were a prime example of this. After creating one or two of my own, I received such a great response to the look and fit of them. So Defgrip and I decided to do a collaboration and make more. Each piece started as a vintage military fatigue, I then dyed, fitted and detailed each piece into an entirely different jacket.

– Travis Collier


Photos by David Lang

12 responses to “Travis Collier Defgrip Jackets”

  1. Landon A says:

    Love it! Military wear is the best quality.

  2. C. Doyle says:


  3. Andrew Brady says:

    so good.

  4. Cars says:

    50 bucks thats a deal !

  5. mikey robinson says:

    I was a little hesitant not being able to know which color I ordered but I have faith it’ll look good.

  6. Harrison Boyce says:

    Yo Mark, we had a few XL’s but they are gone already… Sorry!! Super stoked everyone is into these. Thanks to anyone who picked one up!!

  7. mark m says:

    Damn! Do the Larges’ run a little big?

  8. Alex says:

    I’m all about custom fitting my wear too, I’m stoked on these. They look awesome and now I feel inspired to make some kickass stuff.

  9. Jonathon says:

    I slept. Big time.

  10. Staffy says:

    you shipping to the UK? those look siiick!

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