Takeover Tour 2011

The BMX/Skate lovefest continues with this sweet promo that Glenn sent through for the TAKE OVER TOUR 2011, which sounds pretty rad.

A few Months ago Stevie Williams (street legend) and Nigel Sylvester (well on his way to be a legend) realized they wanted to work on a project together. Not only was I honored to get the call to write, direct, and edit the short for the teaser, I was excited to work on a more “produced” piece incorporating BMX and Skateboarding.

I grew up riding BMX and hanging with skaters, so being able to create a piece that incorporates both in a more unique way is a little bit of a dream come true for me.

A lot of creative people chimed in on this project to help make it what it is and I am super proud of the outcome. I hope you enjoy it too!


Click below to check it out.

It has been said that if an immovable object collided with an unstoppable force, there would be an endless transfer of energy.

The same theory could be applied to pro-BMX rider Nigel Sylvester and pro-skateboarder Stevie Williams, two of action sports most influential athletes. In Summer 2011 the duo will join forces to create THE TAKEOVER TOUR, bringing together the the top talent in skate and BMX for a cross-discipline, traveling event that has yet to be seen in the sport.

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