Print Ad: Subrosa

Check out a new ad from Subrosa featuring Miles Rogolish.

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It’s that time of the month again, and I’m not talkin red wings. New magazines are rolling into the office so here’s Subrosa’s latest print ad. This ad features Miles Rogoish grinding a truck. Yes, a truck,  this is the kind of thing that happens when we’re on trips. We were riding this loading dock spot for a while when these drunk guys came out of a local bar and started watching. Obviously our first thought was that these guys were gunna say something dumb, start an argument, and get us kicked out. All of a sudden one guy yells something, and I just thought to myself, “Great here we go again.” Much to my surprise, the words that came from the guy were “Think ya’ll could ride my truck?” Within seconds everyone was yellin at the dude to bring it over to the dock, and a few people proceeded to grind the rack on this dudes truck. Pretty funny since we all thought the situation was going to be completely different. G.U.T.I.

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