Ride #171 aka Cranmer is nuts!

Yeah… soooo, this happened. WOW!

More info HERE.

7 responses to “Ride #171 aka Cranmer is nuts!”

  1. bz says:

    oh man, what’s next months gonna be? someone is going to die.

  2. Vas says:

    holy fuck. wow.

  3. joey cobbs says:

    Nice Biz, way to put a frown on the situation… That cover is epic. sick sick sick photo.

  4. Freestyle says:

    Dam man that is high, this is a mad photo.

  5. bz says:

    I’m not frowning on this cover. It’s amazing, definitely a good follow up to Drew’s cover. What it takes to one up these… we’ll see. It keeps getting more death defying.

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