Kelsey Dake

Kelsey Dake is a New York based illustrator that has done some great work for awesome clients including Antenna Magazine and the New York Times! She hit us up to say what’s up and we ended up talking her into putting together some Defgrip Wallpapers for the site!

Keep reading to check out her work and to grab a new wallpaper. Make sure to check out her site as well –

Click to download – 1024×768 / 1280×800 / 1680×1050 / 1920×1200 / 2560×1440 / iPhone

Click to download – 1024×7681280×8001680×10501920×12002560×1440iPhone

Click to download – 1024×7681280×8001680×10501920×12002560×1440iPhone

3 responses to “Kelsey Dake”

  1. LandonP says:

    Love this

  2. JesusH says:

    LandonP, who “love this”? You? Don’t be afraid of pronouns, dude. Leaving them out isn’t cool

  3. says:

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