Jay-Z on OWN

Came across this profile about Jay-Z on Hypebeast yesterday. With the new year, brings Oprah’s new network OWN. One of the series they will be producing for the network is titled ‘Oprah Presents: Master Class‘ and it will be profiling some of the most influential people in the world. Kicking the series off is a really great piece on Jaz-Z. Most of the topics they covered Jay has talked about already, but he has some great quotes in here and it’s definitely a motivating pice… great way to kick off the new year and help you get your ass back in to gear.

5 responses to “Jay-Z on OWN”

  1. h00d says:

    No comments, huh? This profile of JayZ is inspiring and I wish sometimes BMX riders could show more heart, not just brass balls. Look at 9 out of 10 interviews in RideBMX. It’s always the same shit. “Oh this guy is just energetic and loves to have fun, and at the end of the day he is just a prankster with a lot of energy…” Life ISN’T that simple. BMX has been simplified by these bullshit interviews in RideBMX. What about cross-training? Self-doubt? World views? Education? Does anybody remember Paul Osicka’s interview from like 2000? No. Because no one cares about flatland, but believe me they have a philosophical outlook. When they got dropped and ignored, they carried on, but I digress. You can’t eat/drink/breath/shit BMX. There is more to it than that. And if that’s your story, then no one is going to buy it except 13-16 year olds. I think DefGrip turned a new page by introducing culture into BMX and showing a new ideology of BMX riders. Look at the recent interviews of Ruben Alcantara in DefGrip, look at old interviews of Chase Gouin. Another good example is Nathan Penonzek, pro flatlander. At the top of his game, he quit the stage and he bought a boat and travelled the world, learned languages, showed young kids in Brazil how to ride, learned about religions and poverty, etc. Meanwhile, Dennis Enarson is eating a fucking slim jim in a full-page ad. That’s why flatland found it’s heart again, because BMX rejected it and it couldn’t rely on this mainstream interpretation of EXTREME sports. I’m sure a lot more pro riders could be portrayed as endurance artists, but instead it’s all about Red Bull and fart jokes. Yeah, I know street riders take their shit seriously deep down inside; who wouldn’t flying down 30 stairs? Mike Aitkin just cracked his head open in front of 5,000 people, but no one complains when it’s portrayed in the media like some kind of frat house that is bicycle friendly. Yeah, I’m salty, but I love BMX I felt the need to speak up. Tomorrow we ride, tonight we sleep. What’s in between?

  2. steve says:

    that is why i love defgrip
    great comment

  3. delfrikin says:

    I can understand the saltiness and whatnot, but don’t loose faith in the people who do really appreciate it! Time moves forward and the real fans are looking and listening, but maybe just don’t have the time to speak up with praise. As valuable as all the lessons and truths hidden by someone attempting to reveal themselves as nothing but positive and fun may be, they are going to require time to open up fully. Who would you rather hear a detailed life story from? Matt Hoffman? or Mike Spinner? In a weird way the young ones are still in development. And in a sad way, and in in a slowly less saddening economy, money pushes the ads!

  4. Randal says:

    Now it is time to choose your particular investments.