Interview: Brian Tunney

Harrison Boyce Photo

We haven’t closed out an interview with some top 5’s in a while, so here goes:

1. Star Wars 4, 5 and the first half of 6 (I hate ewoks)
2. Indiana Jones 1-3
3. Armed and Dangerous
4. UHF
5. Mallrats

1. Seinfeld
2. The Office
3. Long Way Round
4. Long Way Down
5. Boardwalk Empire

1. I always like Cave In during the winter.
2. When NYC was a mess during the Xmas shopping season, I listened to Bluetip a bunch.
3. These Arms are Snakes is one of my all-time favorites.
4. Heather Duby has a new album coming out which is really good.
5. Minus the Bear is always a good time, and tight.

1. Oracle Bones by Peter Hessler
2. Nothing to Envy by Barbara Remnick
3. Ghost Train to the Eastern Star by Paul Theroux
4. Fahrenheit 451 by Rad Bradbury
5. Watermark by Joseph Brodsky

1. The entire Animal team except Jared Washington
2. The entire SLC scene consistently amazes me.
3. Dakota
4. I still think Luc-e deserves some serious credit for everything he brought to street riding over ten years ago.
5. Same goes for Mike Tag.

2. Wikipedia
3. That one site with Google images that Harrison posted on Defgrip last month was unbelievable.
4. I’ve probably laughed more because of YouTube in the past year than any episode of The Office.

Thanks for your time Tunney. Anything you would like to add or say thanks to before we wrap this up?
Just thanks for the opportunity to Defgrip, and sorry for the length of this to all the readers (that’s what she said.)

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  • Oompa

    Interesting read, thanks, and when it comes to typo’s. Common ones on bmx sites kill me;

    Lose,loose,and lost are NOT interchangeable.

    Same for brake and break

    Good luck!

  • Steve

    Nice interview.

  • tom

    great stuff. remembering tunney and the hip-pack from an old props. what’s up with jared though?

  • Love everything Tunney does, this is no exception. Brian rules!

    Nice work as always Nuno.

    PS. Sorry for the Bestwick/etnies situation Brian.

  • nice.

  • Casey

    Harrison, are you living in NYC now? I see all these photos from the city (like WSP up there)

  • thanks for the good words on the judges Brian. You gave me my start in the judging game.keep up the good work

  • amazing interview, really enjoy the defgrip interviews, didnt want that to end!

  • So rad! Keep on keepin’ on Tunney!!! And Harrison great job, really good selection of questions. Good photos 2!

  • Rick MacDonald

    Not one Steve Martin reference?….you’re a changed man, my friend. Love, Rick.

  • ghostface

    great interview and yeah paul theroux is the bollocks!

  • bk

    fuck yeah UHF

  • Will Stroud

    Tunney is the man.

  • C. Doyle

    Some good, well thought out answers right there. Good read.

  • Cleggy

    Love you Brian xxxxx

  • Fat

    Great read. Much respect and admiration on many levels.

  • Ken

    Always entertaining and enlightening.

  • deuce

    Brian i’m pregnant!

  • tate

    defgrip and tunney. awesome interview.

  • kc

    this is the exact reason why Tunney is one of the most liked/influential people in bmx.

    Also, Tunney is one of the few people ever interviewed where their personality is portrayed perfectly and not lost in ( viral) translation.

    good read!

  • Peterg

    Excellent read. Excellent people

  • my favorite bmx writer!

  • Paulo Martins

    Nice words, nice interview. Thanks Brian!

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