IBM 100 X 100

Check out this amazing promotional film for IBM to help celibrate their 100 year anniversary. What IBM has accomplished in the past 100 years is astonishing and the concept of this film — each presenter states a IMB achievement in the year they were born — is extremely impactful almost drawing your attention more to the people than the actual accomplishment.

4 responses to “IBM 100 X 100”

  1. jv says:

    Isn’t this how all that mess in terminator 1 got started?

    pretty amazing to think they are responsible for everything….

    Now I better start digging my bomb shelter so i can survive and battle scary looking ibm robots in the future!

  2. philip says:

    i’m sure one of the things they don’t want us to remember/know is that they helped (directly or through their subsidiaries in Germany) facilitate Nazi genocide against Jews.

  3. Zane says:

    That is true for funding advice as effectively.