Endhiran / Robot

Endhiran, otherwise known as Robot, was released last year and is reported to be the most expensive Bollywood film ever made. If this ten minute video is anything to go by, I definitely believe it! The scene starting at 2:20 is absolute bonkers.┬áSome of the craziest android sequences ever – like The Matrix, Transformers, and I-Robot all jammed into one… Bollywood style.

To add to the madness, this video is dubbed over in Russian. Enjoy!

4 responses to “Endhiran / Robot”

  1. dirtron says:

    wow. there really taking coreography to the next level.. so rad.

  2. Chris B says:

    two point oh
    two point oh

  3. kyle s says:

    ahah that looks like the stupid fucking movie

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