Waiting for everyone to get ready in the morning with one bathroom can be a bitch. Brandon spent his time soaking up the air conditioner before entering the New York summer sauna.

The majority of these photos are from the last three or four months of filming for our second full-length video, “Still Here.” We shot using a bunch of disposable cameras and a Holga. With there being literally hundreds of web videos released weekly, spending almost two years on a project seems like an eternity, and, at times, like it would never actually be finished. These are some of our favorite images that go hand and hand with clips or stories that made it into the video.

Appearing in the photos is Brandon Galosi, Bobby Simmons, Scott Marceau, Scotty Wemmer, Ryan Howard, Torey Kish, Jason White.

You can pick up Act Like You Know’s “Still Here” DVD on their website.

photos by Act Like You Know Crew